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How intelligent are we and what do we call intelligence?

Have you ever considered how special it is to learn to speak, to walk, to drive a car, to cook, to perform any craft such as carpentry, clock-making, painting, plumbing and so on? All this we do by learning through the body by trial and error. We are not bothered if we do not have the techniques straight away as there is an inner impulse that just wants and knows how to learn it e.g. when we fall over when we learn how to walk, we just get up and move on, we give it another go.

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Corruption, what is it?

Corruption, what is it? We all have an innate knowing of corruption, it is something we feel in our bodies and can smell from a distance so to say. It is only our level of acceptance of who we truly are that determines the level of corruption that is taking place in our lives.

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Does technology rules our lives or is there more to it?

We are so used to a life where we are surrounded by all means of technology that we do not question them for their existence. They are there and for some we can really appreciate to have around, like houses, electricity, running fresh water from the tap, sewer systems, state of the art medical treatments, high productive agricultural industries, trains, airplanes and super-fast internet etc.

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