We tend to look for a scapegoat when something is going not so good. Especially, with the grander atrocities such as murder, rape, war, slavery to name a few. We tend to say, ‘that is not my business’, ‘let they sought it out themselves’ … until it is on our doormat and we are faced with the reality of what taking responsibility actually means.

I do know responsibility from young as something I had to take on for certain parts of my life, for instance financial responsibility or being made responsible for a certain task at work. In both, I perceived responsibility as taking care of something outside of me. But I also remember that I have tried to avoid being responsible in many cases of my life. For instance in not applying for a certain job as I did not ‘liked’ the responsibilities connected to it. Responsibility was for me an aspect of life I did not wanted to go to. This same tendency we can see when we observe our society. We can see for instance that young people are avoiding taking responsibility for themselves and because of that have difficulties with completing their studies and with that delaying to bring their unique quality to our society. Instead, they are looking for ways to avoid responsibility and go into partying, drug taking, gaming and in making life one big feast and some maintain this attitude all their life. In some ways, I have been part of this.

And how does responsibility affects our workplaces, what is the effect of growing up with that lack of responsibility on our performance at work and in our businesses?

When we observe carefully, we can see this in many forms such as people perceiving work as a burden, longing for the end of the working day, the day off, the weekend, the holiday and finally retirement. In fact you then choose to not engage with work or to commit to it. You also have people that completely bury themselves in work and are taking on all the factual responsibilities of it.  By these choices, people are missing out on life as they have made life only about doing. And that is not how we are designed to live as human beings. There is more to life than only physical work. We are social beings and live in constant relationships with many around us that need equal attention, also at work. Not putting your innate quality first is in a way irresponsible, while you think yourself being super responsible, but that what you for instance show at work is only a small part of who you are and can bring to this world.

We can see it in how businesses are operating when they are for instance in the development of a better and improved smartphone, or renewable energy, Big Data, Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and robots to support us in life to name some present themes. Do these businesses ever question why they are developing these commodities? Is mankind asking for this or are they developing these ‘toys’ just because it is possible? At least, with only being busy with our own ideals we avoid looking at all abuse, illness and disease that is in the world and don’t take our responsibility for these instead. Keeping ourselves busy and thinking we are doing good and are taking responsibility to life by working on these developments.  As if with that new smartphone we will bring a better life to people, is to me a little short-sighted. How can we think that technology will save the world without taking true responsibility and start to look honestly at where we are as a society and how we are really going?

We have to understand that there is an energetic responsibility before there is a responsibility in physical life. As in energetic responsibility we connect to the fact that ‘everything is energy and that energy is first before the physical manifestation. When we would look at life from this angle it brings responsibility into all the aspects of it as our choices do not only affect ourselves but all of us. And perhaps this is not so easy to grasp as we are so dominated by the idea that we have individual lives and that we can do whatever we want because we can. We do not live on our own isolated island; we are all connected as one. And be honest, any wrongdoing by any person is felt by all. With energetic responsibility, I cannot say ‘that is not my business’ and ‘let they sought it out themselves’ anymore, as it is instantly on my doormat, asking me what I have contributed to it and why I have allowed it for that long.