Or in other words, is it possible that we do not invent but that everything that we work with is given to us from another realm or dimension we are more connected to than we want to be aware of? According to the Merriam Webster dictionary the definition of engineering is ‘the application of science and mathematics by which the properties of matter and the sources of energy in nature are made useful to people’. This is beautiful said but what does this actually mean in practical life and in the context of this article.

With engineering, we are providing solutions not only for the basic needs of humanity such as food, fresh drinking water, sewerage, housing and safety, but also for the medical health industry, infrastructure, production facilities, power plants, weapon industry, software engineering etc. to name a few. Engineering is strongly embedded in many aspects of our societies in the design of infrastructure, equipment and tools that will serve people in their every day’s life.

As people, we need that support as we are not, like animals, naturally equipped to survive in the rather harsh environment of our planet earth. As already from the ancient times people have found ways to support their lives by the development of technical skills which made it possible to make clothes and build houses; the use of fire for heating and to cook food; the discovery of the wheel that make transporting goods and people possible; the invention of how to make metal and its applications, and so on. To make this all possible engineering was required and was developed as a skill available to all of humanity.

In the development of our engineering skills, nature and the universe have been always the inspiration from which practical applications where developed and of which many are already in use for thousands of years. And as most of the engineering is developed from observing nature we could say that our teacher in engineering is the creator of this beauty, God or whatever name you would like to give to that higher order that is orchestrating all of this. This said we could conclude that when we are applying the engineering skills in our work, we actually are in connection with God in all that we do, which I call true religion and I have learned can only be connected to through being connected and in relationship with the body and never through the thinking of the mind.

And in this understanding, that the skills we apply in engineering, do come from nature and belong to that grander order we are undeniable part of, it is important to remember that the skill of engineering is given to us to serve mankind in being useful for people and equally caring for nature and the universe and is not something on its own, e.g. to invent something just because we can and spend billions of dollars into this while at the same time many people do suffer from an array of atrocities that are continuously taking place all over the world and would deserve more of our focus.

Therefore, if we choose to stay in connection with ourselves, we are in religion with God and from there with all of life and the many people we are connected with and will do naturally what is needed to serve mankind and not only a selected few or exploring any fancy idea. Working from that space in the profession as an engineer we can do great things in making our societies lovely places where people can foster, grow and evolve to the beautiful people we all innately are. Read more on a fresh new view on what religion is, based on age-old principles we all know so well.