​In our nowadays workplaces we experience stress from many angels and directions and we have a belief that it is the normal. It is something that is just a part of the work we do and we have to find our ways with. When we truly connect to our bodies and feel what this stress is doing to us we become aware of the fact that our body actually suffers from this stress we allow to enter. It is great when we become aware our bodies suffer from stress as this awareness will assist us in learning where the stress we experience comes from. We will have the opportunity to see what we are doing and even possibly contribute to having stress in the first place.

​I always had the idea that stress was something that is brought to me, a way of being that can not only be felt in my body but that also can be sensed in the people I am with. The way they walk, the way they talk, pick up things or open a door. Also the way we are with one another or how we are supposed to do our work and how the business is structured, can give us that sense. I myself can be the source for stress too, not only for myself but also for others by having restless thoughts or unrealistic expectations. I have experienced it as being something I could not escape from and would be affected by.

​When we allow ourselves to feel that we are able to be aware of this external energy that people bring or the restless thoughts we have before they ‘possess’ us and makes us feel stressed, we are able to make the choice to observe, without any judgement, what is actually happening in ourselves or in front of us. The beauty of observing is that we not get involved or influenced by these externalities but are able to stay with ourselves and make objective choices from there.

​Working on our awareness will empower us to make the choice to stay with ourselves and to not add to the stress environment at work. And as a ripple effect of our way of being we can inspire others to do the same and eventually ban stress from our workplaces completely.

As I know it is not always easy to realise this by yourself and you would prefer to have support in getting a better understanding on this subject you can always leave me a note.